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Welcome to Café Anxiety Drawing Club International.

Nothing to be anxious about


This is the world’s first and most introverted drawing club of all via  Instant-Messages —the 21st century’s exchange of great minds. This is not your neighbor’s ordinary drawing club but an intense social experiment of image flow algorithm — an algorithm that not made of data analysis via user flow but of entirely humane attention with internationally located participant’s microscopic eyes and detective minds, also keen and kind care of getting to know each others’ marks over a given period of time. Are we doomed to fail? I still ask.   


Out of the blue, I sent an exclusive invitation via mobile (click) to artists I met in different parts of the world saying that I somehow believe we’re standing together on the same latitude of thought span regardless of where we are now. And those who accepted my absurdly romantic invitation have been in this metaphorical café (in a mobile group chat) sharing their moods, clues, and anecdotes solely with their drawings and other forms of images without any verbal interaction, virtually every day.


I believe drawing is an individual, sometimes too skeptical that feels funny and melancholic business, but sharing it shouldn’t be such. We’re drawing-athletes, image-wrestlers, this is a Tinder for drawings to meet (i.e., you can respond or skip your turn for someone else to respond) and we’re comrades-muses in pockets for each other.


The rule is simple: to share a drawing in our café chat, one must refer to someone else’s drawings / images in the current thread with a microscopic observation regarding moods, clues, and anecdotes. Easy glance and clicking “Likes” are strictly prohibited in our café. One shall respond it with his/her own images if appreciate the other’s.

If you believe you are as absurdly romantic with as microscopic eyes as we do, email me to be a temporary member (Artist in Residence) of duration of 1-2 weeks.


(Ruthless Recruiter of C.A.D.C.I.)

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